Saturday 2 January 2010


This evening I received an award from a lovely online friend Lyzzy. A person who never fails to put a smile on my face. I have never had the pleasure of seeing her in real life however we have been in the same town at the same time without either of us knowing until afterwards, (both on business with work) if only we had known we could have had a drink or two !!

I think I am supposed to say something about me. Well here are a few facts:
I do not own or have never had a passport, yes that means I do not go abroad
I am in love with polka dots
am allergic to animal fur (this stops me from getting a cat, something I would dearly love in my life)
I love horror and suspense films

I am going to pass this onto a lovely person whom I am proud to call a friend. Her name is Andrea and can be found HERE Andrea is a very talented card maker, someone whom I can only aspire to be as good as. Like myself she works full time but still manages to create lots of wonderful things for herself, her friends and magazines here in the UK.
Hope whoever reads this post visits Lyzzy and Andrea's blogs xx

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