Sunday 24 February 2008

seeing spots

I love the colour red and especially love anything with spots (not the squeezy sort though) :)

I had seen many gorgeous banners about which people have made and seen them for sale but didnt have the cash to buy one already cut out. and ready to decorate. So I had a go at making one with left over cardboard from the back of note pads. I hand cut the scallops, painted the cardboard and and added painted cardboard circles. Tied it all together with checked ribbon then hung glittered alphabet letters on the bottom of each flag spelling my name.

I hung it over the window in my craft room. When the window is oen it gently sways in the wind and when the sun is shining makes the glitter all sparkly.


PhotoJenique said...

I think it's really cheerful :) Love it!

Sarah said...

That is soooo gorgeous. I love it!